Our Advantages

Our Advantages
We partner with top-tier crypto exchanges to provide the best social trading experience.
Security is our number one priority. With the necessary safeguards, users’ funds and personal data are always protected.
Detailed Portfolios
Analyze the historical track record of the best traders and select the best copy trades.
Copy Traders
Be a TraderWagon Copy Trader
Earn passive income by copying top traders
Automatically follow diverse strategies with $100 minimum amount
Retain control of your assets. Set your stop loss and exit the copy any time
Enjoy a worry-free experience. Your assets are secured on Binance.
How to get started
Select your preferred portfolios to copy
Choose the deposit amount and set your stop loss
Sit back and monitor the progress while top traders guide your trades.
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Lead Traders
Be a TraderWagon Lead Trader
Create portfolios with $500 minimum deposit and execute your own trades
Get copied and earn additional income:
➤ 10% of the trading profits from your copy traders
➤ 10% commissions from the trading fees of your copy traders
➤ Extra 50% rebate on your trading fees for the first 1 months*
Choose from a large selection of 140+ futures pairs
Enjoy hassle-free trading with world-class order book and liquidity
How to get started
Apply to be a lead trader
Set up your portfolios in the dashboard
Get followers and start earning profits!
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About Us

About Us
Join us and be a part of our community!
Join us and be a part of our community!
TraderWagon (TW) is a platform that bridges the gap between experienced and novice traders. If you're new to crypto trading or don't have the time to watch the markets, TraderWagon allows you to discover, follow and copy trades made by the best traders from all over the world.
More than just a platform, TraderWagon includes a community of like-minded traders and investors. Expand your trading circle and learn more about trading strategies and techniques when you join us today.


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TraderWagon is a social community platform connecting top-tier crypto exchanges. Building a bridge for novice traders and experienced traders, allowing you to enjoy trading in a more convenient way.
Copyright © 2022 TraderWagon. All rights reserved.